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by Kıvılcım


In this post, I’ll give you some advice about the ideas that come up to my mind.

These ideas are not will be unique. Besides that, they all have some audience and they are promising projects.

Idea #1 Newly Signed Up User Validation Service

Here is the thing. Lots of websites with high traffic have tons of new members each day. That’s awesome, but what about their contact address?

There is a tool called Brite Verify. This tool checks if the entered email has a valid domain address or not. It returns with a small response message to advice websites. By that, they aim to not only lower the costs for website owners’ communications with customers but also force users to sign up with real email addresses.

Another service is -> https://neverbounce.com/


Idea #2 Online Scrum Poker Service

The agile method for project management is quite popular nowadays. One of the main things in agile is weekly sprints.

We all know how weekly sprints go: Someone explains the new task, teams discuss it and lastly, they all give points on the task to decide the difficulty level of it.

Here is the fact: now by Corvid-19, most of the development teams work from home. They cant gather up to do some sprint planning. So how to give points on the task without knowing other people’s points?

If you use slack or similar, you have a chat panel to write the points. But the thing is, not everybody writes on the exact time. This service will solve this problem.

So basically,  you should create a room and share a link to your members that they can gather up. After you discuss the task, you will create a subject on the service, and publish it to other clients. They have xx seconds to join the voting. After time expires, our service returns the calculated vote point.

Sample site : retrium.com


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